It all started back in the late 1990's when Neero & Ana's CEO became horrified at the "state of her hairs".
Years of  chemical treatments, colorants, highlights, lowlights and harsh blow drying made it necessary to find a sure-fire solution to reclaiming healthy, shiny, unbreakable hair. And getting a little anti-aging help became our mission #2.
Our goal was simple: create a multi-tasking, overnight BFF (beauty best friend) that didn't come in a 4oz jar, didn't break the pocketbook, rejuvenated effortlessly and guaranteed real results. Enter - Satin Hydration Therapy®.


We pride ourselves in not going cheap with our products. We'd never use polyester on our own pillows, so we won't offer them to you.
Every item we produce is hand crafted right in the USA.  Neero & Ana uses a natural base of plant cellulose acetate bridal satin to weave a breathable, deliciously detailed, perfectly packaged satin sleeper that's eco-friendly and hydrating. We combed the finest textile houses to find the ultimate material that rejuvenates both hair and skin.
It's become the #1 recommended satin pillowcase.  

Since incorporating the Satin Hydration Therapy® nature inspired  satin pillow case into my nightly beauty routine, I realize that I can look great without a lot of fuss and it's become like my American Express card... can't travel without it. If it works for me, it’ll work wonders for you too. Pick up at least one today. 

Congratulations & Sleep Tight!