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There's nothing girlie about wanting a soft, smooth face. Or hair that's not all over your head or left on the pillow.

Satin Hydration Therapy is the after, after shave treatment powerful enough for even the most rugged specimen. Eco-friendly satin fibers gently cushion razor shaven skin without irritation or chafing. 

Thinning hair a worry? This satin pillowcase won't tug at sparce hair, unlike cotton or polyester cases will. It's armed with a natural moisturizing finish that makes all the difference. 

"His" pillowcase style: satin trimmed pocket conveniently stashes even your smallest secrets. Monogramming available.

  • Style: off centered satin-trimmed pocket
  • Monogramming available
  • Made in USA
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I love this pillow case it does exactly what they said it would do. It's comfortable and it keeps break outs away(acne). I bought one years ago and when it finally wore out I bought another one.