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Satin Hydration Therapy® is an eco-friendly, breathable, moisturizing satin pillowcase that works impressively to bind moisture to your hair & face, while you rest. Hydration is critical to healthy hair and younger looking skin. Don't sleep another night on your moisture draining cotton pillowcase. It's unapologetic about soaking up the hydration you so desperately need.

  • Fiber content: natural, plant cellulose acetate. NOT made from POLYESTER
  • Completely machine washable and dryable
  • Meticulously assembled with inner French seams for long term durability and usage
  • Made in the USA


  • Hers Style: centered satin bow
  • His Style:   satin trimmed off-centered pocket
  • Naked Style: plain, no extra detailing added
  • Standard cases measure 32" x 20" | King cases measure 39" x 21"
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Avid Consumer since 2007

I'd like to give a testimony on how I came upon Neero & Ana Satin Cases: While surfing through a Ebony Magazine saw an article about Women who ventured out & decided to become Entrepreneurs. As a stylist always looking for ways to help her clients, came upon Miss Doreen Motten. Read her story & decided to purchase 1 case for myself. My wake up the following morning was absolutely unbelievable! My hair was intact, hydrated & no need for any curling & minimal styling.. I was sold! Reached out to her to market these w/my clients & the rest is History!!! Not only did I come upon a product that surpasses anything I've ever slept on, but also a Woman who's spirit is Remarkable!!! No Apologies for the long review, lol... Worth every penny!!!

Purple Passion

I LOVE purple and the standard pillowcases I recently purchased to give-away as a wedding gift is so vibrant. I expect rave reviews on the color, quality, and style.

Satin Pillowcase

Nice quality and weight of material. Very wrinkly when washed. Wish the standard case were slightly longer and had a zipper or flap to contain pillow as the pillow easily slides partially out of the case during the night.

Satin Pillowcase Review

The BEST Pillowcase I ever purchased!! Its really soft and comfortable to sleep on and when I wake up in the morning my hair is so soft and manageable !

I Love it!!!

I love the pillows cases I have several colors, it keeps my hair hydrated, I sleep better as well, My next colors to purchase will be turquoise and gray.

Pretty and soft!

I was very happy with this product. It came beautifully packaged and made a lovely gift for some friends going through chemo. I would recommend !

love it!

My pillowcase is so soft! Best part though is that I can wake up and my hair isn't all knotted. So happy with my purchase.


I love the quality of these pillow cases. I've tried a couple other brands but come back to these. The best! Would like to see a few more colors though.