Underwore™ Organic Cotton Lingerie Tote / Shoe Bag

Upgrade your travel accessories and toss that tacky plastic bag you've been carrying! Stash worn undies in style now with our classic organic cotton lingerie tote. 

Now, worn lingerie & undies will have a little breathing room in this adorable, oversized tote that's practical and girlie too. Or use it as a shoe bag - your Manolo Blahnik's will never get scuffed, crushed or buried in your suitcase.

Breathable, organic, white waffle weave (say that 3 times fast!) won't scratch, catch, snag or destroy the goodies inside.



  • Monogrammed lettering & matching drawstring ribbon available in 10 fab colors!
  • Measures 18" long X 13" wide
  • Drawstring closure
  • Made in USA


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